An extract from the NHS website with 5 useful tips for maintaining your own mental health
Grounding techniques are simple exercises that you mght find useful when things are getting on top of you. They provide a moment's pause to bring you 'back to earth' and look at things with a calmer perspective. 
How you might be able to help someone sufferring a panic attack.
Some Useful Contact Details
Youth Enquiries Service, High Wycombe

YES is an independent charity providing counselling services for young people between the ages of 13 and 25 in High Wycombe and surrounding areas. Contact details are on their website. If you do contact them, please tell them you know Ian Murdoch (they've never heard of Taggart), as this is where I work and we are not allowed to work with people we know. You don't need a GP referral, you can walk straight in.
Bucks Mind

Bucks Mind is part of the national Mind group and looks after Bucks and East Berks. For details of services and contact details, download the doc.
Buckinghamshire Mind info.pdf Buckinghamshire Mind info.pdf
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Samaritans run a 24 hour help line for people in crisis. If you call, someone will always pick up and help.

A specialist suicide prevention agency for U35s. 

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

The BACP is the UK's largest professional counselling body and their website gives lots of information about what counselling is, how it can help and how to access it. All BACP members are qualified or trainees on an accredited training course and are bound to the the association's code of ethics.
Campaign page dedicated to ending mental health discrimination and stigma. Can signpost you to a number of agencies. 

Male oriented mental health charity with a lot of celebrity endorsement. Check out Joe Marler's short video. 

Very blokey and slightly dodgy name but a good organisation.
Club Matters leaflet published in association with Mind