No bits and peices cricketers here, to get on this page you need to qualify for both the other pages at the same time. All those listed below rank highly in both disciplines and would still be picked in the side if they insisted on doing only one of them. Given that we put the bowlers category at 50 wickets, it seemed only fair that should also be the threshold for the all rounders, but the holy grail is of course 100 wickets and 1,000 runs, a feat that has only been achieved by 4 players for BRCC in recent recorded history. Three of them are current and listed below.

Glory Boys
Mark Dakin                     Debut: 2003

2,823 at 22.878. 

HS:  102 vs Abingdon Vale 2017

50/100:   8 / 2

Rank:     8th

322 at 19.042       Econ 3.165 

Best: 9-81 vs Ox Downs 2011

5 wkts: 10

Rank:    1st (57th CCL)
Profile: Right arm fast medium, LHB. Took over the captaincy of the 1s in 2018 and immediately won the division to take them back up to 5. Subsequent league reorganisatons and respectable finishes mean that as he steps back from the leadership role, Dakes leaves the team in Tier 3 of the CCL. Has been the cricketing mainstay of the team through that period with consistently high returns on both runs and wickets. A destructive batter when he gets going, his opening partnership with Hamsah in win lose cricklet has broken hearts, but it is as a quick opening bowler that he has made his reputation and heads the 21st century list as the only bowler over 300 wickets.
Ben Keeping                       Debut: The day Barings collapsed

3,481 at 31.578. 

HS:  108* vs Minst Lov 2018

50/100:   7 / 4

Rank:     5th (117th CCL)

134 at 20.222       Econ 4.099 

Best: 8-58 vs BNOCC 2012

5 wkts: 6

Rank:       6th 
Profile: Left arm medium/Left arm slow, LHB. Flowing, elegant, destructive, an amazing talent, unbeatable on his day, are just some of the things Keeps has said about his cricket. To be fair, very few batters reach the height of 750+ runs in a season and very few bowlers go past 35 wickets, but Keeps has done both. Pre shoulder injury, his left arm over seam bowling was highly destructive when the club was playing at the giddy heights of div 2 and 3, and when we needed solidity and reliability when trying to get out of div 6, he provided it with 4 scores of 90+ and another couple of 50s to boot, finishing with a batting average just south of 80. Now juggling 5 kids and a single figure handicap, he has turned into a useful slow left armer and destroyer of 2nd team bowling attacks.
Richard Dryden                   Debut: The week after Culloden

2,947 (4,300 CCL) at 31.514

HS:  134 vs Bledlow Village 2018

50/100:   2 / 1 (4 CCL)

Rank:     7th (84th CCL)

193 (456 CCL)at 18.976 Econ 3.221 

Best: 8-51 vs Long Marston 2000

5 wkts: 2 (26 CCL)

Rank:       4th (25th CCL)
Profile: Right arm medium, RHB. Another that fits into the 'living legend category'. Back in the days when the results came in on ticker tape, Shaky was smashing runs all round the Cherwell league and knocked over 26 five fors, the 8th most of any bowler in the CCL. He is the only player currently at the club to feature in the CCL all time lists for both batting and bowling. Appearances in recent years have been restricted by various bits falling off or breaking, but in 2012, his bowling partnership with Taggart was largely responsible for the 2s being promoted. Depending on fitness, may be back for a bit more in 2022 with Shaun captaining the 2s and still capable of blowing an innings apart as "the best number 11 in the league". 
Geoff Tombs                        Debut: VE Day

1,973 (2,360 CCL) at 17.240

HS:  101 vs Long Marston 2008

50/100:   3 / 1 

Rank:     13th

74 at 30.081          Econ 3.905

Best: 4-33 vs Leighton Buzzard 2014

5 wkts: 0

Rank:       11th 
Profile: RHB, right arm slow medium. A man with more comebacks than the Rolling Stones, 'Tombsdog' has been around, not around and then around again for most of the club's living memory. Many of his stats are probably lost in the pre-internet era, but when in, can be a highly destructive batsman and his bowling was more threatening than many a batter gave him credit for. Bowling stats are probably settled now, but the odd appearance may yet add a few to the run total.
Hamsah Ahmed                   Debut: 2013

1,015 at 22.556. 

HS:  90 vs Minst Lov 2018

50/100:   4 / 0

Rank:     24th

92 at 22.283       Econ 4.084 

Best: 6-37 vs Ltn Buzzard 2016

5 wkts: 1

Rank:       7th 
Profile: Left arm medium/Left arm spin. LHB. One of the most prodiguous young talents to emerge in recent years, Hamsah started as an ultra economical medium pace 15 year old but in recent years has developed into a limited overs shock and awe openng bat and now mixes seam and spin according to requirements. Has ruined many an opening bowler's afternoon before it really got going and continues to pick up wickets whatever the mode of delivery. Lightening fast in the field with a gun arm, he has taken some spectacular catches and is developing into the full package cricketer.. 
Matt Brightwell                     Debut: 2016

1,109 at 19.121. 

HS:  73 vs Sandford 2018

50/100:   5 / 0

Rank:     23rd

52 at 15.788       Econ 3.509 

Best:4-34 vs Horspath 2021

5 wkts: 0

Rank:       19th 
Profile: Right arm fast medium, RHB. 'Hollywood' arrived at the club in 2016 as a batter who bowled a bit when not injured (which seemed to be not very often) and after smashing several 2nd team attacks well into the Keeping field, found himself a permanent fixture in the 1s. He hits a (very) long ball and has produced some destructive knocks at a very fast strike rate. Bowled on and off until 2021 when he finally declared himself fit and led the 1st team attack with some very hostile back of a length bowling to top the averages with 25 at a shade over 13. Increasing paternal responsibilities may limit appearances in 2022, but can't be far off a hundred and a five for soon. Vice captain of the 1s to Dakes from 2019-2021.
The Next Cabs on the Rank
Shaun Dryden                     Debut: 2013

879 at 17.939. 

HS:  57* vs Thame 2018

50/100:   2 / 0

Rank:     30th

80 at 26.400       Econ 4.258 

Best: 5-44 vs Challow 2014

5 wkts: 1

Rank:       10th 
Profile: Right arm medium quick. RHB. Although strictly speaking still short of the required numbers, Shauney is in the race with Hamsah to become the youngest player in the club's history to get 1,000 runs and 100 wickets, so it seems only fair that he should be here. On his day, quick enough to bother batsmen in the 1s or the 2s divisions, it is as a batter he will probably make the quickest progress now. Early promotion to the 1s perhaps denied him the chance to pile up wickets and runs, but the captaincy of the 2s for 2022 will give him a chance to establish his batting position more firmly.
George Grose                     Debut: 2009

953 at 24.400. 

HS:  79* vs Kingstn Bagpuize 2019

50/100:   7 / 0

Rank:     26th

49 at 23.517       Econ 4.012

Best: 3-32 vs Oxenford 2021

5 wkts: 0

Rank:       24th 
Profile: Right arm fast medium. RHB. Another who is technically light on the numbers, but could potentially pass both thresholds in his next game. Debuted as a callow youth bowling medium pace and batting at the tail, 'Gorgeous George' now combines a text book batting technique with a savage brutality towards the ball. A serious back injury has taken some of the pace off, but he remains sharp, if occasionally eratic, and capable of blowing away a tail. A successful rugby career has limited his appearances to a handful a year, but he continues to rise through the all time lists. 
Simon Martin                       Debut: When ABC were in the charts

756 at 23.625. 

HS:  134 vs Bletchingdon 1995

50/100:   5 / 0 (1)

Rank:     32nd

33 at 25.333       Econ 4.423

Best: 4-13 vs Dinton 2021

5 wkts: 0

Rank:       33rd 
Profile: Right arm medium, RHB. 'Fats' has got shed loads more runs and wickets than are recorded here, but got most of them at a time when they were counted on an abacus and recorded as scratches on a cave wall. His contribution to the 2s promotion season in 2021 was invaluable, with important wickets and some big runs. His boundless enthusiasm and optimism are infectious, but rarely disguise an ultra competitive nature. His normal reply to an availability request is "Don't pick me if you have youngsters available ..... but make sure you pick me!" Progress in 2022 will be hampered by a long overdue knee operation, but there will be more to come.    
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