Photography by Rachel Murdoch 

 The inaugural Junior Summer 5 a sides were held at Meadow Styles on Sunday 20th July.

Over 50 U9s and U11s competed in a fantastic tournament, aided, abetted and taught some bad habits by a number of "mentors" from the older age groups, including 2nd XI regulars, James "I've got a league 50" Goodband and Shaun "I've got more league wickets this season than my dad" Dryden.

 U9 winners: Sam Thurston Molly Carter Jay Simmonds Massimo Lynn perched on top of mentor James Goodband


U9 Yellows:  Cara Walker  Dab van Blerk  Otis Rappo  Lewys Miller, spearheaded by mentor Jude Goulden 

U11 runners up:  Barney Cunningham  Jai Angell,  Ben Hillary (mentor)  Christian Johnson  Nathan Donovan 

U11 Whites: Max Arnold  Tomas Miller  Finn McIndoe (mentor) Jack Pargetter  Sam Greenlees 

U11 winners:  Tom Forrest  Ben van Blerk  Charlie King (mentor) Joe Holmes  Joe Hick 

U11 Reds:  James Hirst  Charlie Carter  Shaun Dryden (mentor) Cam McIndoe  Ben Hunter 

U11 Yellows:  Zac Emery  Theo Youens  Jake Bradshaw (mentor) Louis Summons  Seb Walker 

U11 Greens:  Josh Alexander  Will Benning  Gorgeous George Wardrop (mentor) Milo Rappo  Oli James 


U9 Pinks:  Archie White  Ben James  Freddie Skinner  George Miller. Mentored by Richard Miller who is camera shy apparently 

U9 Greens: Tom Hickey  Gianni Gregory  Cameron Hyde  Mouse Gregory (mentor) Max Hannaford  Alexander Collins 

U9 runners up

Torr Ramsden

Oli Bird

George Cunningham

Taj Angell

Sam Goulden (mentor)

Shaky does a little dance, but it seems that Sharon has seen it all before