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2022 Fixture List 

. BRCC scores are in blue.

1st XI 2nd XI
Date Opposition H/A 1st inns 2nd inns Res Pts Opposition H/A 1st inns 2nd inns Res Pts
07-MayThame 2A 282-2142-10W25WatlingtonH 230-10231-5 W26
14-May StokenchurchH 191-10193-5W25Stokenchurch 2A 249-5250-2 W26
21-May WestcottA 142-10145-5 L  4Aston Rowant 4H  ARForfeit W26 
28-May Leighton BuzzardA  311-6156-10 L  6WaddesdonH 114-9116-6  L  6
04-June OxenfordH  218-10223-1W25KimbleA 232-9216-10 W26
11-June Gt Brickhill 2A  136-10139-1 L   2Brill H 231-8200-10 W26
18-June Horspath 3H  137-10141-7 L   6Gt Brickhill 3A RainedOff  A  7
25-June Bletchley TownA  144-10148-4 L   3Gt Horwood 2H 253-2 155-7  D19
02-July WolvertonH  257-8  85-2 A   7Buckingham 4A 163-7 118-9  D  9
09-July Thame 2H  236-9186-8 D 18WatlingtonA 228-6 173-8  D10
16-July StokenchurchA  304-10226-10 L 13Stokenchurch 2H 297-1 159-10  W 26
23-July WestcottH  171-10 174-3 L   3Aston Rowant 4A  AR Forfeit  W 26
30-July Leighton BuzzardH  308-5 202-8 D   9 WaddesdonA  78-10   81-1   L   2
06-AugOxenfordA  123-10 124-3 W 25KimbleH 237-3  239-6   L 11
13-Aug Gt Brickhill 2H  253-9 203-10 L 11Brill A 267-10  269-2   L   8
20-Aug Horspath 3A  219-9 154-10 W 25Gt Brickhill 3H 141-10  145-7   L   8
27-AugBletchley TownH  211-10 207-8 L 12Gt Horwood 2A   GH   Forfeit   W  26
03-Sep WolvertonA  176-8 179-3  L   4Buckingham 4H  222-6  235-4(DL)    L     8
Finished 8th in div 3A
Finished 5th in div 6A
1st Xl Figures 

Batting requirement 5 games, 3 completed innings
Bowling requirement 40 overs
2nd Xl Figures

Batting requirement 5 games, 3 completed innings
Bowling requirement 30 overs
Performances in the Steve Dixon Memorial Cup are included in the averages on the basis that they were competitive matches in an organised competition. They do not count to the all time figures as these are CCL runs and wickets only. Cup performances are in blue. For details on the 2022 cup run, click here.
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