Meadow Styles is surrounded and characterised by a number of very large, very old trees and sadly a couple of years ago, the large ash on the left hand side of the ground as you look from the clubhouse sustained significant damage in one of the high wind storms we sometimes encounter at the Ridge. As a result, it had to be monolithed in order to make it safe, but this left a less than attractive remainder.

After much discussion, the club commissioned Dan Cordell to carve an image out of the tree that would be more in keeping with the ground and the decision of course was a RidgeBear. Below you can see the stages of development over the 2 days in took Dan to create our RidgeBear.

If the RidgeBear has inspired you to have some work done of your own, you can get in touch with Dan through his website at 
What we were left with after the 'make-safe' work was done.
A little off the top please and then mark out what else is coming off.
I can see the head!
Starting to take shape
Pretty much the finished shape, just some detail to go.
Finished RidgeBear with his proud dad