The Annual Dinner was held in it's normal location of the The Boot pub and rounded out a good season for both sides.

There were all the usual thank yous and well dones with the Chairman offering up some bottles of plonk before the main gongs got dished out.

The 1s player of the year involved some under cover work as Dakes presented the trophy to Rolfie, only for Rolfie to present it straight back to Dakes, who had not realised it was his name engraved on it.

The 2s player of the year went to Shaun.

Young player of the year went to Jai, who in keeping with most previous recipients promptly left the club. Perhaps we should give it to Birdie next year!

Talking of whom, Birdie was announced as the Clubman of the Year.

There were maiden hundred awards for Alex (in his first season) and Rolfie (in his .... well, not his first season) and maiden 5 for awards for Jai Angell and Ben Cooper.

As ever, the highlight of the evening was the alternative awards presentation, which is not a short thing so if you were there and have forgotten it or you fell asleep in the middle of it, you can relive the whole thing by clicking below.