The Annual Awards Dinner was held at The Boot pub on October 7th. 

Playing Awards

The first and second team players of the year awards went respectively to Mark Dakin and Martin Harris

Dakes was as reliable as ever with the ball, collecting 27 wickets and adding almost 350 runs at 25. 

Sniff was available for every match and opened the batting for the 2s all season (apart from the weeks he was kidnapped by the 1s), amassing almost 250 runs at 27 to be the team's top run maker.

Hamzah Ahmed was in and out of his chair all night, receiving first the award for the most promising young player, and then following that up with a commemorative award for his hat trick in a 'sixfur' for the 1s against Leighton Buzzard. Ben Keeping also received an award to mark his debut league hundred and the newly instigated Captain's Award went to Scott Waite.

The Inaugural Captain's Award

"If you have a player who wants to play, but doesn't care which team he plays in. Wants to bat, but will happily bat wherever you put him. Is always willing to bowl, but when he doesn't get the chance still gives you 100% in the field, then you have a valuable player. And if that player, regardless of his opportunity to contribute, remains the life and soul of the dressing room and is the last person to leave the club after the game, then you have a valuable player indeed.

Of course there can be a down side. Players who exhibit these characteristics often have a tendency to spend more time than you might be entirely comfortable with butt naked waving their d*ck in your face, but sport, like life, is full of compromises.

I have such a player.

The 2016 Captain's Award goes to Scott Waite."

The President's Awards
The President's awards and Clubman of the Year are given to those people who have made significant 'above and beyond' contributions to the club over the course of the season. This year's recipients of the President's favours included John Rolfe for a monumental effort in making the six a side tournament such a success and the entire bar team, with the clubman of the year going jointly to the Drydens.
Rolfie's Alternative Awards
Often described as the highlight of the evening, (usually by people who have never attended the dinner before), Rolfie's alternative awards are a chance for him to take personal revenge on anyone who may have suggested that his batting was anything less than cavalier and entertaining. 

Through the miracle of modern technology, they are presented this year on video, and if Apple ever work out how to pack a battery with more power than a AAA into an iPhone, next year we might actually get the whole thing, but you'll get the gist.