Bledlow Ridge juniors meet at 6pm on Friday nights from the 20th April (2018) through to a season ending awards presentation evening on Friday 27th July (parents, the bar is always open!). We offer coaching for cricketers between the ages of 6 and 13.. We have a number of qualified coaches, old hands and senior cricketers there every week and cater for every ability from novice to junior county standard. We are also delighted that our most recent 1st Xl captain, Taggart and four of our older juniors will be providing coaching support too. 

We will be running seven age group sides in 2018, six of who have been entered into the Buckinghamshire Junior Leagues and our seventh team the U13 Girls will be playing home and away friendly fixtures against other local girls’ teams.

Details of the fixtures will be published shortly, but Friday nights are about more than just preparation for matches. It's fun first, cricket next! If you're new to the Ridge, you don't need to book, you don't need to tell us you're coming and we have all the kit you'll need to get started, so come and get your juniors involved with a great sport at a great club.

Girl Power

Girl power has become very evident in cricket in recent years, highlighted last year when England ladies won the World Cup, and Bledlow Ridge is no exception. In the space of just 2 years, the girls section has expanded to be the fastest growing part of the club. At the start of this season we had over 30 girls registered at the club and they train every Friday night under the watchful eyes of Richard and Wendy Langan. 

The Cherwell League (where our senior teams play) is an open league where ladies can play with the men to the highest level of club cricket, offering our more ambitious girls a great cricket pathway. 

All Stars

New for 2018 the club will also be running an All Stars cricket programme in the hour before the academy from 17.00 – 18.00 every Friday evening. It starts on Friday 11th May and runs for ten weeks through to Friday 13th July. For more information about the All Stars programme see

Representing the County

At the end of the 2017 season 23 of our youngsters, across a range of age groups, were proposed by the club and went into the Buckinghamshire youth county trials process. we are delighted and very proud of the fact that eight of our current BRCC juniors have been selected to represent Buckinghamshire in 2018.

We take our responsibilities to the kids in our care very seriously and we have a number of policies in place regarding the conduct of coaches, players and parents. You can view these policies in the clubhouse or by clicking here. (You will need Acrobat Reader)

A Typical Friday night at the Ridge 


Junior Academy Manager          Marcus Angell      

Junior Fixture Secretary             Elliot Collins   

U9s Team Manager                    Mark Ellis      

U10s Team Manager                  Oli White       

U11s Team Manager                  Dave Bird      

U12s Team Managers                Nick Simmonds

                                                   Mark Lynn      

U13s Team Managers                Jovan Sahota 

                                                   Elvis Medford 

Girls Team Managers                 Craig Pargetter

                                                    Dom Gabriele 

The Bowling Machine

Youngsters typically progress faster with their batting than bowling (hitting things is much easier than putting them where they're meant to be!) and once we're confident that they can take care of themselves at the crease, the bowling machine allows the coaches to precisely control the length, line and pace of the delivery. We can then gradually increase the difficulty and learning capacity in a safe and controlled environment. It's only when one of the kids asks what it's like to face a hundred mile an hour delivery that you'll hear Wendy (our Child Welfare Officer)  come running across the outfield screaming Nooooo! 

 Training Exercises

This might look like the start of a fun assault course to you, but actually it's a method of improving pedal dexterity and developing speed, agility and concentration

But if your 7, it's still a fun assault course!

Catching and throwing practice with soft and semi hard balls helps to increase the kids' hand/eye coordination and confidence.

And when it's played as a game of catch/volley ball, it's fun! 

On the Pitch

Once the kids have learnt the basic skills to a level where they can play meaningfully and safely, it's time to don the pads, gloves and helmets and get out onto a pitch to play real cricket. 

As well as experiencing the wonders of a real pitch, this gives the coaches (liberally sprinkled around the outfield) the chance to bring the kids game awareness up to speed in areas like calling for runs, backing up and sharpness in the field.

It also ensures that the groundsmen are kept busy